What Happens If the Opposition Fails to Maintain a Civil Tone?

A long run-up to the Singapore elections has seen a slew of innuendo and smears. What can be more unexpected than a prime minister being accused of corruption? Indeed, no other world leader could have been made the subject of such a smear campaign.

Of course, it is not the first time that this has happened in India or even India itself. The 2020 Delhi elections too saw the opposition leader and his party being tarred with the same brush.

In fact, India does not seem to be immune to these allegations. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to paint the political leaders of Singapore under a different hue. That has been happening a lot of times with other nations in the region.

The events in India have led to uncertainty about the current administration of Singapore. This is bound to deter business investment and to set back the country’s development. This could lead to infrastructural bottlenecks and create unnecessary jobs for unqualified people.

The opposition parties will however be careful about how they play their part in Prime Minister Elect’s campaign. As a former member of the opposition, I know how easy it is to go overboard and fall into the rhetoric trap. That may well happen here.

Tone in the Next Singapore Elections?

In fact, I believe that the opposition parties in Singapore will do well to keep things civil. The opposition has its own share of faults. I had joined the government at the time when my party was formed and resigned after a few months. I understand the benefits of parties and campaigning.

It is in fact the opposition that has brought Singapore forward. Now that the election is near, it would be a shame if it were to fall back into the old rivalries. It is possible though that the status quo would continue.

I also think that the election campaign in Singapore will turn into a contest of personalities, not of policies. The only problem I see coming up is over the Singapore elections – not a single opposition candidate has already declared their candidacy for the polls.

When I saw that, I figured that the opposition did not want to get involved in the politics. They are already in disarray. Will they again play hard ball after the elections?

But I am positive that things will soon pick up and the opposition parties will get back to basics and learn to work together for Singapore. They may be down on their luck and depressed but they are still the main opposition force in Singapore.

In fact, the LKY era was a lot of fun and I know that people in Singapore enjoyed that period of time. But the New Frontier has now come and we cannot afford to be playing politics anymore.

I hope that the public debate will get back to basics for the next Singapore elections. Please do give it a try. You never know what can happen.

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